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This publication is all about you: your home, your community, your city, your successes...MORE

Gregory Russ Appointed New Chair of NYCHA

Gregory Russ, current CEO of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, has been appointed the new Chair and CEO of NYCHA. Mr. Russ has...MORE


Celebrating 100+ Years

Best friends and centenarians Elsie Mayer, 108, and Sylvia Rosen, 100, recently celebrated their birthdays with a big bash at...

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Seniors Helping Seniors

Over the last year, 200 older adult NYCHA residents have spent time working in their communities to make a difference in the...

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Visit the Digital Van to Join Census 2020

NYCHA’s Digital Vans provide residents the opportunity to search for jobs, browse the internet, complete annual online recertifications, and more. Now they offer residents a new opportunity: gaining employment as 2020 U.S. Census Bureau employees.

Census 2020 is recruiting for temporary and flexible jobs as census takers, recruiting assistants, office staff, and supervisory staff. A Digital Van will assist with Census 2020 recruitment at Staten Island developments from January 21 to 24 and at East Harlem developments from January 27... More

Growing Stronger Together

In November, more than 120 NYCHA residents from the Bronx were recognized by NYCHA for their efforts to beautify their communities while promoting safety, healthy living, and community pride.

The honored residents were from Betances, Patterson, Moore, Mill Brook, Saint Mary’s Park, and Adams Houses. Throughout 2019, they organized and...


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