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kathryn garcia
Message from Interim Chair & CEO Kathryn Garcia

Dear Residents,

I am excited to introduce myself as NYCHA’s new Interim Chair & CEO.

For years, I have worked on...MORE


photo of mosquito with text: West Nile Virus Mosquito Treatment
West Nile Virus Mosquito Treatment

The New York City Housing Authority will be treating all of the catch basins located on Housing Authority developments to...

2018 Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report
2018 Annual Water Supply & Quality Report

The 2018 Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report is now available for viewing at:

Gregory Russ Appointed New Chair of NYCHA

Gregory Russ, current CEO of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, has been appointed the new Chair and CEO of NYCHA. Mr. Russ has more than 25 years of experience working to protect and turn around public housing across the country.

Mr. Russ was selected by Mayor Bill de Blasio from a slate of candidates that was jointly approved by himself, the Southern District of New York, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. He will take office in mid-August 2019. Kathryn Garcia, who has been serving as NYCHA’s Interim... More

Reducing the Rat Population

As part of NYCHA’s efforts to reduce the rat population, 57 developments are receiving extra help tailored to each development’s specific needs – that includes dry-ice abatement treatments, more exterminators, new trash bins, and new interior and exterior compactors. In addition, NYCHA is replacing 50 dirt basements with concrete and installing...


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