Celebrating 100+ Years

Best friends and centenarians Elsie Mayer, 108, and Sylvia Rosen, 100, recently celebrated their birthdays with a big bash at the Independence Neighborhood Senior Center on December 20.


Seniors Helping Seniors

Over the last year, 200 older adult NYCHA residents have spent time working in their communities to make a difference in the lives of their fellow senior residents.


Growing Stronger Together

In November, more than 120 NYCHA residents from the Bronx were recognized by NYCHA for their efforts to beautify their communities while promoting safety, healthy living, and community pride.


Thankful for Community

NYCHA is thankful to its employees, residents, elected officials, and partner organizations for working together to ensure that public housing residents across the city, including those affected...


Helping Seniors at Home

Apartment 2K at LaGuardia Houses Addition is not the average studio apartment: it’s a space where residents of the senior development receive the social services and maintain the community...


What Is Rees?

Did you know NYCHA’s Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability (REES) Department assists public housing residents in six key areas...


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