A Better Way to Pay Your Rent

A Better Way to Pay Your Rent

Paying your rent is even easier thanks to NYCHA's new rent payment processing service, which launched in January 2018. It features a host of service upgrades including:

  • Easier-to-read rent statements
  • New, easy-to-use, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant online payment site and a telephone payment system with more features, including 24/7 customer service
  • No-fee when you pay online using e-check from your checking or savings account
  • Reduced fee for debit card payments (0.85% of payment amount)
  • Ability to pay with Visa or MasterCard (the convenience fee is 2.25% of payment amount)
  • Enhanced security features that protect your personal financial information
  • Dedicated option on the Customer Contact Center call-in line for questions related to paying your rent.

Paying your rent:

Visit the following link to pay your rent online:


Commercial Tenants

Call 1-877-481-9947 to pay your rent by phone.

Mail your rent check to:

New York City Housing Authority
PO Box 70169
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0169

Sign-up for e-Bill

If you currently receive your monthly rent statement by mail, NYCHA will continue to mail it to you. If you enroll in e-Bill, you will not receive a paper bill. But there are many additional features e-Bill provides that you may want to use:

  • You can receive your monthly rent statement through “e-Bill,” which is safe, secure, and reduces paper.
  • NYCHA will automatically transfer your information to the new payment processing service. If you have a recurring payment set up, your recurring payment will transfer to the new system. You will receive an email letting you know your recurring payment has been moved over to the new system with a temporary password. Please sign on and create a new password.
  • Please note that any payments you make at this point to the old system will be automatically transferred to the new payment processing service and credited to your account. You can save your information, view your payment history, make a one-time payment, or set up recurring payments every week, twice a month, or on a specific date. If you are enrolled in e-Bill and would like to pay rent by phone, the process will be faster since the online and phone system will now be linked.
  • You can store multiple payment methods in your account, allowing you to pay your rent from multiple sources—for example, part from checking, part from saving, and part on a credit card.

More information about rent paying upgrades is coming shortly. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact your property management office.

Attention Commercial Tenants:

Commercial tenants can benefit from many of these same features. All commercial tenants will now be automatically enrolled in paperless billing and no longer receive a mailed statement, though you may still pay rent by check.


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