Celebrating NYCHA’s Resident Gardeners & Gardens

Celebrating NYCHA’s Resident Gardeners & Gardens

Hundreds of NYCHA’s resident gardeners, NYCHA staff, and partners gathered at Johnson Community Center in Manhattan on November 3, 2017 for the 54th Annual NYCHA Garden & Greening Award Ceremony.

More than 600 NYCHA gardens, tended by over 1,000 gardeners, were judged by a panel of respected horticultural professionals. The ceremony was sponsored by Unilever and highlights the hard work and dedication of NYCHA’s resident gardeners and NYCHA’s Garden & Greening Program, a year-round beautification, environmental preservation and education initiative that benefits residents as well as seniors, the greater community, and day care centers citywide.

Congratulations to:

Citywide Winners

Flower Garden:

Oasis Garden, Washington Houses

Vegetable Garden:

Hawaiian Paradise, South Jamaica Houses

Theme Garden:

Ebony’s Garden, Marcy Houses


2017 Master Gardener Award

Marian Dolphus, South Jamaica Houses


Full List of Winners: 

William (Bill) Morgan
The Manor Garden
1st Place- Flower- Todt Hill Houses

Barbara Ward
Angels Among Us
2nd Place- Flower- New Lane Houses

Nelya Serebrennik
Nelya Garden
3rd Place -Flower- New Lane Houses

Raymond Green
The People's Garden
1st Place- Vegetables- Mariner Harbor

Dean Robinson
New Lane Community Garden
2nd Place- Vegetables- New Lane Houses

Dorothy Skylar
Cassidy Lafayette Vegetable Garden
3rd Place- Vegetable- New Lane Houses

Felisha Castorie
Let's Grow Together Learning Center
1st Place –Theme-South Beach

Marti Wimmer
Raising the Stakes
2nd Place- Theme- New Lane Shore

Scherisce Lewis-Clinton
South Beach Garden Houses Garden Court
3rd Place- Theme- South Beach

Inna Sirota
Surfside Tenant Garden
1st Place- Flower- Surfside Houses

Ruth Caldwell
Morning Glory Garden
2nd Place – Flower- Bruekelen

Edith Tucker
My Secret Garden
3rd Place- Flower- Ingersoll Houses

Caroline Thunder
Community Pink Farm
1st Place- Vegetable- Pink Houses

Prince English
Cabbage Patch
2nd Place- Vegetable- Walt Whitman

Mohammed Hossain
Fleet Walk
3rd Place- Vegetable- Ingersoll Houses

Laura Johnson
Brandy’s Rose
1st Place –Theme- Marcy Houses

Eleanor Davis
Sunshine Garden
2nd Place- Theme- Marcy

Kim George
Pink Paradise
3rd Place- Theme- Pink Houses

Wanda Paysour
Woodland Whispers
1st Place – Flower- Ponomok Houses

Louise Willis
Garden of Faith
2nd Place- Flower- South Jamaica Houses

Sandra Ruffen
Forever Garden
3rd Place- Flower- Woodside Houses

Natasha Davis
South Jamaica Community Garden
1st Place- Vegetable- South Jamaica Houses

Mable Walker
Moses Landing
2nd Place- Vegetable- Woodside Houses

Stanley Alexander
Stanley's Vegetable
3rd Place- Vegetable- South Jamaica Houses

Rosalina Mestric
World Trade Center
1st Place- Theme- Ponomok Houses

Myrna Swaby
Ravenswood Learning Garden
2nd Place- Theme- Ravenswood Houses

Julie Lee
Ari Rang
3rd Place- Theme- Beach 41 St. Houses

Yoland Leon
Peace, Love, Breath Garden
1st Place- Flower- Parkside Houses

Miriam Sanchez
God's Love
2nd Place- Flower-Monroe Houses

Minerva Guzman
Garden of Unity
3rd Place- Flower- Throggs Neck Houses

Paulette Shomo
1st Place- Vegetable- Marble Hill

Hector Rivera
El Bohio
2nd Place- Vegetable- Union Ave. Cons.

William Felicano
Love your Block, Stop the Violence
3rd Place- Vegetable- Soundview Houses

Saul Barrios
Bright Lights
1st Place- Theme- Gunhill

Hector Rodriguez
Sunrise Garden
2nd Place- Theme- Patterson

Gloria Hernandez
Hernandez Garden
3rd Place – Theme- Union Ave. Cons.

Emma Barriceill
Sweet Success
1st Place-Flower- Manhattanville Houses

Agnes Trappier
2nd Place- Flower- Wilson Houses

Leticia Ramirez
3rd Place- Flower- Rutgers Houses

Diana Blackwell
Blossoming Gold Senior Garden
1st Place- Vegetable- Fred Samuel Houses

Martha Cain
Grant Community Garden
2nd Place- Vegetable- Grant Houses

Yu Lin Zhang
Hong Kong Garden
3rd Place- Vegetable- Jacob Riis Houses

Taina Tarverso
Citywide – Flower- Washington Houses

Trissamae  Johnson
Hawaiian Paradise
Citywide- Vegetable- South Jamaica

Laura Johnson
Ebony Garden
Citywide- Theme- Marcy


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