Energy Upgrades For 15 NYCHA Developments

Energy Upgrades For 15 NYCHA Developments

As part of NYCHA’s Energy Performance Contact (EPC) program, $104.6 million in upgrades are coming to 15 developments in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, home to 15,000 families. In partnership with Ameresco, an energy services provider, NYCHA will upgrade heating, lighting, and building ventilation systems and implement water conservation measures at these developments. Over 18 years, the project will save NYCHA $154.6 million in energy and water costs and reduce energy use by 21 percent.

The project is the fourth, and largest to date, in NYCHA’s series of EPCs, as well as the largest EPC ever approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which created the program.

“This new Energy Performance Contract ensures both that our residents can see necessary improvements to their quality of life and that NYCHA continues to invest in a more sustainable future,” said NYCHA General Manager Vito Mustaciuolo. “This program, and the upgrades that follow, are vital to ensure we can address our critical infrastructure needs head-on.”

The primary goal of NYCHA’s EPCs is to upgrade and modernize heating systems to deliver more consistent and comfortable heat to residents. The latest EPC involves:

  • A new boiler plant at Patterson Houses;
  • Modernized heating distribution controls at 15 developments;
  • Interior LED lighting and water conservation devices at the developments; and
  • New hot water systems and building ventilation improvements.

Graduates of Green City Force, which prepares NYCHA youth for “green-collar” careers through training and work experience, will be hired to install the water conservation upgrades and replace all interior light bulbs with LED bulbs. 

As part of its Sustainability Agenda, NYCHA aims to generate $300 million in EPCs and reduce energy use by 20 percent Authority-wide by the year 2026.

“With this EPC, NYCHA has reached $271.8 million toward our $300 million goal for 2025, and we will continue to pursue EPCs aggressively, well past the $300 million mark,” noted NYCHA’s Vice President of Energy and Sustainability Bomee Jung. “Funding for capital improvements is always precious, and EPCs provide additional funds above and beyond City, State, and federal capital.”

Altogether, NYCHA’s various energy-efficiency programs will provide upgrades at up to 130 developments, benefitting nearly 262,000 residents.

15 Developments Benefitting from NYCHA’s 4th EPC:

  • 335 East 111th Street (Manhattan)
  • Breukelen (Brooklyn)
  • Corsi (Manhattan)
  • East 152nd Street-Courtlandt Avenue (Bronx)
  • Grampion (Manhattan)
  • Jefferson (Manhattan)
  • King Towers (Manhattan)
  • Lincoln (Manhattan)
  • Melrose (Bronx)
  • Patterson (Bronx)
  • Pomonok (Queens)
  • Saint Nicholas (Manhattan)
  • Soundview (Bronx)
  • South Jamaica I (Queens)
  • South Jamaica II (Queens)

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