Interim Recertifications are Now on the Self-Service Portal

Interim Recertifications are Now on the Self-Service Portal

Residents: Did you know that you can make Interim Recertification requests at any time during the year? If there’s a change in your household composition, income, assets,
or expenses, you need to fill out an Interim Recertification.

These requests can now be made online via the Self-Service Portal, which can be accessed on your phone, computer, or the Self-Serve Kiosk at your Property Management Office.
Not interested in making an Interim Recertification request online? You can request a paper version at your Property Management Office.

Types of Interim Requests:

  • Adding a household member
  • Temporary permission to add a person to your household
  • Extension for a household member with temporary permission
  • Removing an authorized household member
  • Removal of head or co-head of household
  • Change in income

Visit NYCHA’s Self-Service Portal at

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