Meet Your REES Zone Coordinator: Diane Fleming, Staten Island

Meet Your REES Zone Coordinator: Diane Fleming, Staten Island

Think of Zone Coordinators as ambassadors to your economic dreams. Working for NYCHA’s Resident Economic Empowerment & Sustainability (REES) Office, Zone Coordinators partner with resident leaders and local organizations to connect residents to adult education, workforce development, financial empowerment or business development services close to home.

One of 15 REES zones, Staten Island includes NYCHA developments South Beach, Todt Hill, Berry, Mariner’s Harbor, Stapleton, West Brighton I & II, Richmond Terrace, Cassidy-Lafayette, and New Lane Area.

Here are a few things to know about Diane Fleming, Staten Island’s Zone Coordinator since July 2013.

She’s a lifelong Staten Islander. Born and raised on Staten Island, Ms. Fleming lived at Todt Hill Houses for 15 years and was Resident Association President for three years. Before she joined NYCHA’s REES Office, she was Director of the Richmond Terrace Community Center. She has a long and proud history of community work for the betterment of all Staten Island residents.

As a Zone Coordinator, she’s always on the move. Some days Diane is out meeting with partner organizations to check in on progress and programs. Other days she’s planning recruiting events for programs and trainings or reporting on program results. She’s based in Richmond Terrace on Tuesdays and Thursdays and in the REES Office in Brooklyn on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Staten Island program partners include: the College of Staten Island; Neighborhood Housing Services of Staten Island; AHRC, an organization that supports people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities; Grace Institute; Workforce 1; and Jobs-Plus.

What touches her heart: “AHRC provides vocational training for young people 16 to 24 years old. They welcome with open arms teens and young adults who live in NYCHA developments and provide them with a home away from home where they can learn and grow.”

Success story: “It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you assisted someone in obtaining employment or a training opportunity,” Diane shared. After being unemployed for four months, Richmond Terrace resident Soulindia Galindez attended a Workforce 1 event. Though Workforce 1 didn’t have anything for her at the time, Diane noticed on her resume that Ms. Galindez is a licensed social worker. Diane knew NYCHA was recruiting for Case Manager Consultant positions and submitted Ms. Galindez’ résumé. “Ms. Galindez was so impressive during her interview, three boroughs wanted to hire her. She is currently a Case Manager Consultant for Butler Houses in the Bronx and I am extremely proud of her.”

What she loves most about her job: Helping residents, of course. “The work we all do at REES changes lives.”

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