New Plan To Protect Resident Health

New Plan To Protect Resident Health

NYCHA’s Plan to Address Potential Lead-based Paint Hazard Compliance Issues

NYCHA has taken immediate and long-term actions to improve our program for inspection and remediation of potential lead-based paint hazards, fix the gaps in compliance with New York City and federal laws, and improve resident health:

  • NYCHA has created an Executive Compliance Department reporting directly to Chair Olatoye. On Monday, November 20, Mayor de Blasio announced the appointment of Edna Wells Handy, currently legal counsel to the NYPD Commissioner, as Acting Chief Compliance Officer. She will provide operations oversight, manage compliance training for employees, and review external reporting by NYCHA. The Executive Compliance Department will also create a new system for employee and resident complaints regarding compliance issues.
  • NYCHA has inspected 4,232 apartments housing children under 6 and made paint corrections in 2,363 apartments. NYCHA is currently conducting a second year of inspections at apartments housing children under 6 and will complete those inspections by the end of 2017.
  • NYCHA will create a long-term plan for remediation of potential lead-based paint hazards that is focused on resident health.
  • Two senior executives resigned and a third was demoted and suspended.

The Authority has already begun to address compliance issues with:

  • A new computerized work order system that accurately identified apartments where the presence of lead-based paint has not been ruled out;
  • Inspections of apartments housing children under the age of 6 where the presence of lead-based paint has not been ruled out;
  • A new Lead Safe Housing Procedure, currently in final review;
  • A new inspection program for potential lead-based paint hazards for smartphones used by inspectors and development staff;
  • EPA lead-safe certification training for all appropriate staff.         

According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the large majority of children with elevated blood levels due to lead-based paint in New York City live in private housing, not in NYCHA. Yet, even one case is one too many. NYCHA is committed to eliminating any potential lead paint hazards that threaten resident health and well-being.

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