NYCHA Is Hiring!

NYCHA Is Hiring!

NYCHA is recruiting for immediate permanent and temporary appointments.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them call (212) 306-3922 or (212) 306-3608 to schedule an interview.

Permanent Job Opportunity Available Now

  • Heating Plant Technician (Approx. 49 Positions Open): Interested candidates may submit a cover letter and resume to (search for JOB ID# 309933)

Job description: Maintain heating operations at development locations; operate heating and domestic hot water boilers, Tend to and operate heating equipment; monitor CHAS equipment, maintain, adjust and make repairs to boilers, industrial oil burners, heating and domestic hot water equipment and all auxiliaries, stand watch and fire low-pressure boilers. Assist in the inspection and testing of boilers and related equipment. Dismantle or assemble heating equipment; requisition parts as required, Conduct and schedule tank inspections, Respond to all heating/hot water service disruptions, Repair boiler/burners and distribution system and etc. *Driver License not required for job applicants and Certificate of Fitness needed after six months of employment.

Temporary Job Opportunities Available Now

Temporary job opportunities are for 90 days at NYCHA developments throughout the five boroughs. Shifts are 8 hours per day, with a half-hour meal period, and are expected to start at 8 a.m. daily, Monday through Friday. Hires will be paid the “new hire prevailing wage,” and health benefits are not provided for these temporary appointments.

  • Oil Burner Specialist (Approx. 45 Positions Open): Interested candidates may submit a cover letter and resume to (search for JOB ID# 318197)
  • Maintenance Worker (Approx. 75 Positions Open): Interested candidates may submit a cover letter and resume to (search for JOB ID# 319851)


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