NYCHA Is Hiring Exterminators

NYCHA Is Hiring Exterminators

Job ID: 387395

Minimum requirement:

A valid certificate as a Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator for Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Rodent Control (7A) issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. This certificate must be maintained for the duration of the appointment.

Under the supervision and direction of a Supervisor of Exterminators, selected candidate will abate emergencies and adhere to the scheduled pest control needs for residents and public spaces. The duties will include but are not limited to the following:
1. Provide scheduled preventive maintenance services of apartments, building commons spaces, community centers and grounds.
2. Inspect the premises to determine the underlining causes for pest conditions and develop recommendations for property management staff utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods.
3. Educate residents on IPM and best practices on keeping the home pest-free.
4. Provide rat mitigation services as part of the City’s Neighborhood Rat Reduction program.
5. Provide IPM targeted relief for apartments and building with reoccurring pest complaints.
6. Prepare for PHAS and corrects PHAS deficiencies.
7. Perform yearly catch basin treatment for West Nile Virus.
8. Provide special treatment to combat fleas, ticks, maggots, and bed bugs.
9. Respond to HPD violations, Board of Health citations and court orders.
10. Respond to CCC scheduled appointments for extermination. 

This position is open to qualified persons with a disability who are eligible for the 55-a Program. Please indicate in your cover letter that you would like to be considered for the position under the 55-a Program. For detailed information regarding the 55-a Program, please click here.

Deadline to apply: October 11, 2019. Send resumes to

*NYCHA Residents are encouraged to apply.

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Job ID: 387395

Minimum requirement:

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