NYCHA is Hiring!

NYCHA is Hiring!


City Seasonal Aide (Job ID: 91406)

Objective: Pest proof buildings and backfill rat burrows in support of NYCHA’s rat reduction initiative.

Salary: $15/hr

Description: Perform light repair and general maintenance work in the buildings and grounds of public housing developments. Use hand and powered equipment. Rake debris and dig pits and ditches.  

Qualification Requirements: No formal education or experience required. Must be in good physical condition.

To apply: Send your resume to or call 212-306-3922/212-306-3980 for more details.


Pest Mitigation Supervisor (Job ID: 91310)

Objective: Supervise pest-proofing efforts in public housing buildings and grounds in support of NYCHA’s rat reduction initiative.

Employment Period: Temporary (no longer than six months).

Salary: $61,311/yr.

Description: Supervise workers performing common laboring work, routine maintenance, and minor repair work or assist with routine maintenance and repair work. Order and arrange for the delivery of tools, supplies, materials, and equipment to job locations. Execute the work and instruct workers in methods to be used. 

Qualification Requirements: Four years of recent, full-time, satisfactory experience as a construction laborer or in the construction, maintenance, or repair of sewers, streets, highways, or water supply systems, including one year as a supervisor (or a satisfactory equivalent of this experience).

To apply: Send your resume to or call 212-306-3922/212-306-3980 for more details.

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