Prepare for Coastal Storms

Prepare for Coastal Storms

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season extends from June 1 to November 30.

Know Your Zone

Visit or call 311 to find out if your development is in a hurricane evacuation zone. While you’re on the site, check out the “Know the Hazards” feature to understand what you need to prepare for in advance of a storm.

Sign up for NotifyNYC for severe weather information by visiting, calling 311, or following @NotifyNYC. For additional information, visit NYCHA’s Office of Emergency Management site at

Have a Go Bag Ready for Each Family Member and Pet! (Read what to pack in your Go Bag here.)

How can I find out if I need to evacuate?

Visit or call 311 to see if you live in one of six Hurricane Evacuation Zones in New York City.

Do I need to evacuate even if my building has flood protections or if I live on a high floor?

Yes. Though some NYCHA buildings are equipped with flood protections, they are not life-saving and do not prevent storm dangers or damage. Even if your apartment does not experience flooding, services to your building may be impacted. Service disruptions could include electricity, land lines and cell phone service, internet service, public transportation, paratransit, elevators, and trash compactors. In addition, nearby stores and services may be damaged or closed, and emergency teams may be delayed in reaching you if you need help.

When and how do I evacuate?

If an Evacuation Recommendation or Order is issued for your zone, leave as soon as possible, before elevators and public transportation are shut down. If your building has flood protection measures, it will be harder to evacuate once these protections are activated. If possible, avoid traveling in cars – high car volume on roads causes extensive delays during evacuations. If you do drive:

  • Make sure your tank is full and allow plenty of time to travel.
  • Follow evacuation route signs that point to high ground.
  • Be aware that certain roads, bridges, or tunnels may shut down early due to storm hazards.
  • NEVER drive through flooded roads.

Where do I evacuate to?

If you can, stay with family or friends outside the evacuation zones. If that is not possible, visit or call 311 to find your closest evacuation center and directions on how to get there.

Are evacuation centers accessible? What if I need help evacuating because I am disabled?

Evacuation centers include accessible facilities and accommodations. Visit or call 311 to locate them. If you are not able to evacuate safely on your own or with the assistance of neighbors, friends or family, call 311. Emergency services personnel will take you to an accessible evacuation shelter or a hospital outside of the evacuation zone via ambulance if necessary. You may request this assistance even if you do not normally use paratransit services.

What if I use life-sustaining equipment?

If you or someone you know uses life-support equipment, it is important to register with the electric utility company in your area so that they can contact you in the event of a power outage. Users of life-sustaining equipment should have an alternate source of electric power, such as a battery backup system, and a phone that works when the power is off, such as a corded landline, or a fully charged cell phone.

Safety for Con Edison Customers:

Con Edison keeps a record of individuals who use life-sustaining equipment in order to contact them in the event of an emergency to make sure they are safe. To register call 1-877-582-6633. To keep its records current, Con Edison sends a letter each year asking you to recertify the equipment that you use.

This service is provided to everyone who depends on the electricity or for whom a disruption in service would create a medical emergency, including all NYCHA residents, whether or not you receive a bill from Con Edison in your rent.

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